Welcome!!! Story Writers and Readers

  ‘Story Mode’


What is this program about?
Story writers get paid as per the CPM of ads on their pages. You can either write a story and sit back or be a regular writer. It is up to you.

What is CPM?
It stands for Cost Per Mille. Mille is thousand. So, it is cost per thousand views. The average CPM is one dollar as per adsense. So, for every thousand views on one page of your story you earn a dollar. While it seems to be tough to get thousand visitors on your story page, we make it happen easily. So, leave it to us. 

How much do I earn?
With current statistics we are estimating a minimum first pay of 180$. Try to keep your readers engaged. Maintain at least 500-600 words in a story. You can either publish complete story at once or in episodes. Your choice.

What kind of stories can I write?
Genre selection is your choice. Strictly, adult content is prohibited. We also do not encourage religious, political and controversial content. Remember, you get visitors from all parts of the world. Prime responsibility of a writer is to respect their readers.


What if users have ad-blocker installed?
We explain all the readers about the free service they are enjoying. Also, a popup comes up saying ‘Your authors earn only through ads, please support them by white listing sweetcurd.com on ad-blocker or by disabling ad-blocker. We do not implement any annoying ads’.

When am I paid?
You are paid quarterly. As an example, if you start on June 10th, your quarterly cycle ends by September 10th. You receive your first pay no later than September 30th. The threshold limit for your first cheque is 50 USD. You receive your cheque only if you reach the threshold limit. This applies to all quarterly cycles. The only secret to successfully make much more than 50 USD is keep updating regularly.

Will I be paid if I choose to quit this program?
As per the rules of this program, even though you quit, you are not paid until your quarterly cycle ends and also until you reach the threshold limit. But we suggest you not to quit, because in the beginning it takes time to attract readers. When they get used to your writings, they never leave you. So, your revenue keeps hiking.

Can I use my pen name?
If you choose not to reveal your name to readers you can publish on your pen name because we respect your privacy.

How do I join this program?
Fill in the Registration Form on sidebar. You will receive your LOGIN details within 24 hours. 

For an idea, you can go through previously posted stories at http://sweetcurd.com/stories/

Please contact sweetcurdofficial@gmail.com for any more queries.